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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Decor Elements Rock!

Weird. As I log on today I'm missing my video uplink on my blog toolbar. ERG! I hate that! The toolbar I had was much more sophisticated and I don't understand what happened! Cyber stuff makes me crazy sometimes! I also lost my photo positioning and a whole row of sophisticated icons. I hate that.

At any rate, I WAS going to do an instructional video but since I can't figure out where my video icon went ... DOUBLE ERG! ... I've had to improvise. Be kind!

This is an old mirror I have hanging in the entryway. I put some of the really cool Decor Elements on it and was pleased with the way it turned out. It was sooo easy! I have trouble with regular rub ons for scrapbook pages and this, by comparison, was a piece of cake.

I also have the Manhattan flowers on my wall but I'll show you those another time. (Those are Kraft ... oops ... Crumb Cake ... on a wall that is Candlelit paint color (a warm ecru), the effect was a subtle textured look almost. I have orange peel finish on my walls and they went on B-E-A-U-tifully. I was impressed.

I have some of the new Definitely Decorative/Decor Elements catalogs available if you need one. You can check out my website also at http://stampsandsuchwithkaren.stampinup.net (My link icon is missing too!!!! ... TRIPLE ERG!!) The site name is Stamps & Such with Karen. You can look at cattys and shop there too. Wait the pretty link feature might be back after I exited and did some other funky stuff.

I do have someone on tap to help with the technical stuff on this blog but she's in the design stage and hasn't been here at all yet. We'll go live eventually and then I won't have all these addys for you to follow. You'll be able to click a button and go directly to my website to shop ... in your jammies if you want to!!

Say I still have BLOG CANDY!!! I can't believe no one wants stamping stuff for free!!! Leave a comment with your first name and your last name initial (eg Karen O.) and you're in the hat for a chance to win. Right now ... your odds are AWESOME!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to figure out where my more advanced tool bar went so I can post a video soon. Join me tomorrow for another card and Saturday for a 12x12 scrapbook page, actually, if I can make it fit I will do a 2-page layout.

See you then,
Much love and joy,

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